SRW Shallow 12″ Subwoofer 440Watts Svc 4-Ohm


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We have further developed our shallow mount sub to include a much requested 12-inch option. This sub has all the features that our shallow mount 10 but with more cone area in 12-inch. These shallow subs take 220w RMS and 440w peak so you can get that extra thump you need with the added cone area of the 12. The sensitivity is high for a sub coming in at 88db so it will not take full power to reach maximum potential which gives you an array of amplifier options. They will come in DVC and SVC so you can wire to your amps recommended impedance with ease. These subs are perfect for the enthusiast that is wanting to keep storage space by using shallow mounted subs so the box depth can be much shallower than normal for much more bass!

Model: SRW12.4D
Type: Shallow Subwoofer
Size: 12″
RMS Power: 220W
MAX Power: 440W
Impedance: 4 OHMS
Voice coil size: 2″
Magnet: Ferrite
Magnet Size: 45oz
Frequency Response: 40-3.5KHz

Frame: Aluminum
Cone: PPI
Surround: Rubber Edge
Voice Coil Former Material: BASV4

Mounting Cut-Out: 10.9″ (279mm)
Mounting Depth: 3.5″ (88mm)
Overall Diameter: 12.4″ (316mm)


Enclosure Specifications

Optimum Sealed FT3 0.75FT3
Optimum Ported FT3 1.5 FT3

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