PRO Full-Range Class D Monoblock Amplifier 2000 Watts Rms 1-Ohm


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If you are looking for serious power for serious sets of speakers, look no further than the Frx line of amplifiers. These are the can-do anything amps of DS18. Specifically designed to run everything, these full range amps are beasts that can power subwoofers, midrange speakers, and tweeters just with a few tweaks of the built-in crossover. These units have built in high flow fans to help with the thermal capacity, bass knobs to fine tune sound, and come in a very small package so you can save space for other important things. These amps are all 1 ohm stable so you can wire down and get all the desired speakers on one channel and can get the maximum power from the amp. These amps come in 1k, 2k, 2.5k, 3.5k, and 4x4k so the power options are vast!
Model: FRX2K
Power Output at 1 Ohm 2000W
Power Output at 2 Ohm 1300W
Power Output at 4 Ohm 900W
THD: <0.1%
S/N Ratio Ref 1W at 4 Ohm: 90dB
Gain Range: 0.2-6V
Crossover Range: 40Hz – 4KHz
Frequency Range: 20Hz – 20KHz
Bass Boost: 0-12dB
Forced Cooling System: Yes
Bass Remote Control: Yes
Amp Class Operation: Full Range Digital
Dimensions (mm): 259.2 x 186 x 56.5mm


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