PRO Bolt On 2″ 57° 2.6″ Depth Plastic Horn Black

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All aluminum casing with brushed DS18 logo. This throat will require a 4 bolt pattern on your driver to attach correctly. Now you can save some space while having crazy loud directional sound from your drivers.

4 bolt patters that fits most drivers.
2.96 inch mounting depth to get increased sensitivity and higher DB rating while saving space.
Hardened plastic composite for increased durability and life.

Installation Type Bolt-on
Throat Diameter: 2” / 50.8mm
Nominal Horn Diameter: 6.5”
Sound Coverage: 57° Rounded
Overall Diameter: 7.08” / 180mm
Overall Depth: 2.96″ / 75.25mm
Mounting Depth: 2.6“ /66.04mm
Driver Bolt Pattern: 4.05”/ 102mm x 4-0.26” / 6.8mm
Mounting Bolt Pattern: 6.33” / 161mm x 4- 0.21” / 5.5mm
Mounting Hole Diameter: 5.43″ / 138mm

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