INFINITE 100 Ampere Power Supply


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The PWS100A uses AC power to power equipment that requires 10~16 V DC Power.

The PWS100A converts standard 110~130V AC household power to an adjustable 10~16V DC power, and supplies up to 100 amps of continuous power. 

(NOTE: A normal vehicle’s electrical system provides around 13.8 Volts when the engine is running) 

The PWS100A is a versatile piece of equipment that can used in several different applications, such as retail audio displays, show cars, and test benches.

Input Voltage: 120V AC -/+10%
Input Frequency: 60Hz
Adjustable Output: 10V-16V DC -/+ 0.5Volts
Output Current: 100 Amps DC Continuous (Maximum)
Line Regulation: Less than -/+ 5%
Load Regulation: Less than -/+ 5%
Efficiency: More than 85%
Overload Protection: FUSE 20A/250V (Input Voltage:120V)
Output Ripple: 150mV RMS
Design: Switching Type
Protection Temperature: 75°C
Cooling Fan: (40*40*10mm)
Input Cable: SVT 14 AWGv
Output Cable: 1/0 AWG
Power Switch: 20A/250V AC
Dimensions (WHD): 262.2 x 67 x 240mm


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