Advance 8-GA Installation Kit




This Complete 8 Gauge Amp Kit comes complete with true gauge wire, hardware, fusing and signal cable. Hooking up your amplifier is easy with this complete amp kit. The best hardware, remote, and power cable comes in one convenient package.



Mini- ANL fuse holder with MANL 60A
6 ft. 8GA Loom Tube
Rubber Grommet
17 ft. Red Power Cable: 8.3MM2 OD: 6.7MM
3 ft. Black Ground Cable: 8.3MM2 OD:6.7MM
17 ft. Red/Black Twisted RCA
17 ft. Remote Cable 20 x 0.15mm
17 ft. Red/Black Speaker Cable 0.81MM2 x 2C OD 2.4 x 4.8


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Weight 5 kg