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When your sound system has multiple amps, tuning can get tricky. To get your tuning right we always recommend using an adjustable crossover so your crossover points can be precise and your equipment will sound great while also lasting the test of time. The X5M features 5 inputs and 5 outputs that are all completely adjustable. This crossover has high volt RCA levels so you are able to get the most out of your amps all while getting no distortion resulting in long life and great sound.


LOW WAY (mono)

Cutoff Frequency (LPF): Variable 40-250 Hz (-25dB/Octave)
Boost Frequency: Variable 25-100Hz
Bass Boost: Variable0-18 dB

LOW_MID Way (Stereo)

Minimum Cutoff Frequency: Variable 25-140Hz (-12dB/Octave)
Maximum Cutoff Frequency: Variable 200-2KHz (-12dB/Octave)


Minimum Cutoff Frequency: Variable 160-2KHz (-12dB/Octave)
Maximum Cutoff Frequency: Variable 800-10KHz  (-12dB/Octave)


Minimum Cutoff Frequency: Variable 200-5KHz (-12dB/Octave)
Maximum Cutoff Frequency: Variable 1.2-12KHz (-12dB/Octave)


Minimum Cutoff Frequency : Variable 550-13.7KHz (-12dB/Octave)
Maximum Cutoff Frequency: Variable 1.5-15KHz (-12dB/Octave)

Dimensions: 196.6L x 124.5W x 34.5 (mm)


Very high quality construction including tiffany RCA jacks so you get great looks with great sound and level control.
High voltage RCA outputs up to 8v so your signal can reach your amps with no distortion with tuning.
Control multiple amps crossover point ls precisely with low, low-mid, mid, mile-high, and high pass settings so each of your speakers can be set properly within their frequency range for the best show quality sound.

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